Various restaurant photos with 20 cool Miami restaurants sticker

20 Cool Places to Eat in Miami

From Cuban sandwiches to Sushi!

Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds and explore Miami's delectable food scene? Look no further than our Ultimate Guide to the 20 Coolest Places to Eat and explore in the Magic city.  Sure, there are tons of fabulous restaurants to go to, but if you're tired of 'the same old, same old,' take a peek at our list ...and get a real taste of local expertise with our insider tips.---And believe us when we say it wasn't easy getting this list down to 20, but fear not, we've done the hard work for you!

In no particular order, we've included some big-name spots like Joe's Stone Crab, Klaw and The Surf Club, as well as  lesser-known local gems such as Boia De, Uptown 66,Blue Collar or Cream Parlor. From classic Cuban Sandwiches to Fried Conch Po Boy to Truffle Tagliatelle to Pork Belly Tacos, we've got you covered; visitors to this foodie heaven should be able to find something great at any price point.