Miami Heat 2024/25 Season Schedule

Let's Go Heat!

Hey, Heat Nation! Are you ready to heat things up with another thrilling Miami Heat season? As passionate basketball aficionados, we understand the challenge of planning game nights—figuring out where to stay (er, call us biased but here The Vagabond Hotel Miami seems like a great idea!) !), when to arrive, and how to experience every electrifying moment. But worry not, because we've got your back! Don your Jimmy Butler (22) or Tyler Herro (14) shirts and grab those foam fingers as we unveil the eagerly awaited Miami Heat 2024/25 schedule.

Whether you're a regular at the Kaseya Centre or tuning in from home, this guide is your ultimate playbook to stay informed and root for our beloved Heat. Get ready to dive into the action! Buy your tickets now at the Kaseya Centre

Miami Heat Home Game Schedule 2024-2025

October 2024

Oct 10: vs. Brooklyn Nets
Oct 12: vs. Philadelphia 76ers
Oct 14: vs. Charlotte Hornets
Oct 17: vs. Detroit Pistons
Oct 20: vs. Milwaukee Bucks

November 2024

Nov 1: vs. Golden State Warriors
Nov 3: vs. Sacramento Kings
Nov 7: vs. Dallas Mavericks
Nov 10: vs. Denver Nuggets
Nov 13: vs. New York Knicks
Nov 15: vs. Boston Celtics

December 2024

Dec 5: vs. Indiana Pacers
Dec 10: vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Dec 15: vs. Toronto Raptors
Dec 20: vs. Atlanta Hawks
Dec 22: vs. Chicago Bulls
Dec 25: vs. Philadelphia 76ers

January 2025

Jan 3: vs. Orlando Magic
Jan 8: vs. Washington Wizards
Jan 12: vs. Los Angeles Lakers
Jan 20: vs. Phoenix Suns
Jan 25: vs. San Antonio Spurs
Jan 30: vs. Utah Jazz

February 2025

Feb 2: vs. Houston Rockets
Feb 6: vs. Portland Trail Blazers
Feb 14: vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
Feb 19: vs. Brooklyn Nets
Feb 23: vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

March 2025

Mar 3: vs. Los Angeles Clippers
Mar 8: vs. Memphis Grizzlies
Mar 12: vs. New Orleans Pelicans
Mar 17: vs. Detroit Pistons
Mar 22: vs. Milwaukee Bucks